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Holy Apostles stands on the two-millennium tradition of the Catholic Church, fostering a love and understanding of the Magisterium and ecclesiology of Christ's Church.

  • Receive instruction that respects academic integrity and the Truth as interpreted by the Magisterium. These are of the utmost importance in the efforts of Holy Apostles to form the servants of God. While the pursuit of knowledge exposes the student to varied ideas and thoughts, the properly formed student will also possess the ability to discern the truth or falsities contained therein.
  • Attend a school that is led by the Church. The Board of Directors is comprised of lay, consecrated, and episcopal members, including the Bishops of Norwich,  Hartford, and Bridgeport, Connecticut.
  • Become an integrated student. Our online learning programs attract priests and vowed religious from across North America, in addition to lay students. Many courses thus integrate lay, religious, and ordained faithful online students -- enhancing the learning and spiritual formation of everyone.

Approved by The Cardinal Newman Society

Holy Apostle's commitment to fostering a strong sense of Catholic identity is recognized in the second edition of The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College as a Recommend Catholic College.


For over a half a century, Holy Apostles has trained and formed seminarians, priests, religious brothers and sisters, and the lay faithful from the baccalaureate to post-graduate levels.

  • For the entire history of Holy Apostles stretching back to 1956 an ordained Catholic priest has served as the President-Rector. The current President-Rector is the Very Rev. Douglas L. Mosey, C.S.B, a member of the Congregation of Saint Basil. He is the seventh President-Rector and has served in this capacity since 1996.


Take advantage of Holy Apostles' tri-semester calendar, studying in any or all of the three annual 15-week semesters for accelerated program completion.

  • Work on your studies at any time, day or night. Access the online portions of your classes at any time to complete your assignments, participate in class discussions, and communicate with your professors.
  • Take up to six years. You may choose to complete your M.A. within two years or stretch it out over six years. Such flexibility lets life's priorities stay priorities.


All degree programs are accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

  • Holy Apostles College and Seminary has been accredited for over three decades. The New England Association of Schools and Colleges is the oldest regional accrediting agency in the United States, evaluating more than 250 degree-granting colleges, universities and other institutions in the six-state region. In 2006 Holy Apostles was re-accredited by NEASC for the maximum of 10 years.
  • Accreditation means that our programs, operations, finances and objectives have undergone a thorough peer review and been found to meet or exceed the minimum standards set for academic institutions. All undergraduate and graduate degrees offered by the school, both oncampus and online, are accredited.


Holy Apostles is a great value. Compared to the other excellent Catholic online learning programs available, Holy Apostles has consistently remained one of the most affordable regionally accredited degree programs in North America.

  • Enhancing the affordability of per-unit tuition is the non-campus residency requirement. This can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars on traveling and accommodation expenses that other comparable programs require.

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