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Library Mission Statement

The mission of the Holy Apostles College and Seminary Library is to support the academic and formation programs of our college and seminary. The Library is also committed to providing access to information resources that promote lifelong learning.

As a Catholic institution of higher education, we strive to preserve our Catholic heritage through carefully defined resource acquisition and collection development policies. The reference and circulating book collections reflect this mission. These collections contain more than 60,000 print volumes with an emphasis on theology, philosophy, bioethics, and the humanities. We retain unique materials in our established special collections and archives departments, including the Pope Francis Collection, the Pope Benedict XVI Collection, the Pope Saint John Paul II Bioethics Collection, the Archives of the Missionaries of the Holy Apostles, and our College and Seminary Archives.

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For general inquiries, please email

Clare Adamo
Director of Library Services

Br. Robert Whitton, M.S.A.
Assistant to the Director /Circulation Assistant

Gwen Pond
LTA-Interlibrary Loans/Serials Assistant
860-632-3884 External
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Library Staff
LTA-Cataloging Assistant

Student_in_libraryThe Library subscribes to over 200 print and electronic newspapers and serial collections, as well as to specialized Catholic and theological databases and eBooks. The Library also benefits from the digital resources available through the researchIT CT database program of the Connecticut Library Network (CLN). This unique state-funded service permits our students and faculty to access electronic resources in a variety of subject areas beyond our core collections.

Housed within the Library is a computer classroom. The Library is committed to providing the technology necessary to support the intellectual and spiritual activities of our students and faculty. Continuous upgrades of our computer classroom facility enable our students to conduct research and produce reports on-site. Our wireless networked environment allows students to utilize their own laptops and portable devices to access our library resources. The Library also provides on-going reference services, as well as information and computer literacy programs, to our on-campus and distance learning communities.

As a resource center for the Magisterial documents of the Catholic faith, the Library also recognizes its value to the surrounding communities and places great care in the cultivation of resource sharing. To support this commitment, Holy Apostles College and Seminary Library participates in several interlibrary lending programs.  Through the CLN’s ReQuest system, we share resources with over 300 participating Connecticut Libraries. As members of the American Theological Library Association (ATLA), we also enjoy reciprocal borrowing privileges with member libraries.

“Ask a Librarian!” – a 24/7 Reference Chat Service

You will be connected in real-time with a Librarian from a participating academic library. Please fill in the chat form with your email address and your question(s). At the end of your chat, you will be emailed a transcript of your session. For additional help with this service, please click on the question mark icon [ ? ]. Your Holy Apostles College & Seminary Librarian may follow up on these chat sessions with additional information, if requested.

3554628032_97be3b3319_bBook Catalogs

Holy Apostles College and Seminary Library maintains a book collection of more than 60,000 volumes with an emphasis on Theology, Philosophy, and the Humanities. All of our books are classified according to the Library of Congress Classification System. The Library book collection is fully automated utilizing the AGent VERSO Software of Auto-Graphics, Inc. Our on-line catalog allows users to search for materials by author, title, subject, and keyword with both basic and advanced search capabilities. All books in the general collection circulate for 30 days. Reference and Reserve materials do not circulate.

Print Book Catalog

Browse the HACS print book catalog of titles within the Library

Academic eBook Catalog

Browse the HACS full-text digital book collection available 24/7. Please go to the Shared folder of the Files tab in your Populi account to access your library barcode/patron ID.

findIT CT Catalog

Browse the Union Catalog of books within 400+ CT libraries

Online Databases and E-Books

Access to our Library digital resources is restricted to current Holy Apostles College and Seminary students and faculty. Any remote access to these resources will require the appropriate user patron ID/library barcode at the login prompt. Individual tutorials are available by contacting the Director of Library Services, at


Please go to the “Shared with Everyone” Folder of the Files tab in your Populi account to access your patron ID/library barcode.

Subject Chart Guide for the Online Databases

Online Databases

E-Books Collections and Encyclopedias

Journal Collections

Holy Apostles College and Seminary Library currently subscribes to over 200 journals and newspapers, both in print and electronic. There are over 1,400 bound volumes and over 225 reels of microfilm.

Holy Apostles College & Seminary Journal Collection (PDF)
This is the complete list of all journal titles held within the Library at Holy Apostles College & Seminary.  Students and faculty wishing to obtain articles from within this collection may visit the Library or utilize the Intra-Library Loan Request Form for Distance Learning Students and Faculty.

E-Journal Finder (researchIT CT  Databases)
This is the complete listing of all journals and newspapers that are currently part of the researchIT CT Digital Library. Titles included will indicate coverage dates and the specific database where the title is indexed.

Special Collections and Archives

Special Collections unique to Holy Apostles College and Seminary Library include our Pope Francis collection, our Pope Benedict XVI Collection, our Pope Saint John Paul II Bioethics Collection, our Faculty Collection, the publications of the Society of the Missionaries of the Holy Apostles, our M.A. Theses Collection, and our M.A. Special Projects Collection.


Archive Collections unique to Holy Apostles College and Seminary Library include the writings of Fr. Eusebe-Henri Menard, O.F.M., the Archives of the Society of the Missionaries of the Holy Apostles of the Province of the USA, and the Archives of Holy Apostles College and Seminary.


Fr. Eusèbe-Henri Ménard, O.F.M. Collection

Title Author
At All Times…in Every Age… Franciscan Herald Press, Translated by Paul Schwartz from the French. 1977. Ménard, Fr. Eusèbe-Henri, O.F.M.
Eusèbe-Henri Ménard: A real son of Francis. 2011 Longpré, Paul
Eusèbe-Henri Ménard: un vrai fils de Francois. 2000 Longpré, Paul
15 Days of Prayer with Eusèbe-Henri Ménard. Translated [to English] by Fr. Robert Morfesi, M.S.A. and Sr. Mary Ryan, F.D.L.P. 2011 Rodembourg, Christian
15 Dias con Eusèbio-Enrique Ménard: Fundador de la Sociedad de Misioneros de los Santos Apóstoles. Translated [to Spanish] by Isaac C. Martinez Chuquizana, José Teófilo Ngouo, and Jaime Córdova. 2011 Rodembourg, Christian
The Marvelous Plan of God: Spirituality of the “Holy Apostles.” 1991 Commented and edited by Marc P. Lussier and Vincent A. Salamoni
Padre Eusebio Menard: Apóstol de las Vocaciones. Translated [to Spanish] by Francesco Pini Rodolfi. 2005. Longpré, Paul
La Revolución del Amor : Para realizarla hacen falta laicos comprometides Coedicion Ediciones Tripode and Misioneros de los Santos Apóstoles [nd, 1988?] Ménard, Fr. Eusèbe-Henri, O.F.M.
La Révolution de l’Amour : Pour la faire, des laïcs engagés sont indispensables. 1985. Ménard, Fr. Eusèbe-Henri, O.F.M.
À Tout Heure… à Tout Âge… Le Christ Appelle à le suivre Gibert-Clarey, Tours 1968 Ménard, Fr. Eusèbe-Henri, O.F.M.
Les Vocations Tardives (Vocations de Jeunes Gens et d’Adults) et le Séminaire des Saints-Apôtres Éditions Apostolicum Montreal 1955 Ménard, Fr. Eusèbe-Henri, O.F.M.

Visitors are welcome to utilize our Special Collections and Archives materials during normal library hours. To do so, please schedule an appointment with the Director of Library Services by sending an email to


Guidelines for Academic Papers, M.A. Theses, and M.A. Special Projects

The guidelines listed below are approved by the faculty of Holy Apostles College and Seminary for use in all academic papers, M.A. theses, and M.A. special projects.  They are based on Kate Turabian’s Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations and are customized to include resources most common to our theology, philosophy, bioethics, and humanities programs

Guidelines for Academic Papers, Projects and Theses

Abridged Style Guidelines for Papers, Projects, and Theses

M.A. Thesis GuidelinesM.A. Theses Collection

M.A. Special Project Guidelines & M.A. Special Projects Collection

Library Policies & Services Handbook (click here)



Intra-library Loan Request Fee Structure

Type of Loan Request Fee Structure
Book from Holy Apostles Book Collection N/C students & faculty
Borrower responsible for return shipping and insurance
Article/Document reprint from Holy Apostles Journal Collection Copyright fee, if eligible
Delivery via email, fax, or U.S. mail
Article/Document reprint requested by Holy Apostles Library staff from another Library via ILL* All fees charged by the lending Library

* Please note: The Holy Apostles College & Seminary Library cannot borrow books from other Libraries for our Online Learning students and faculty. We ask that you visit the Interlibrary Loan Department (ILL) of your local public library for this service.

Any book not returned to the HACS Library will be considered lost. Lost items will be invoiced to the borrower at the current replacement cost. In addition, a hold will be placed upon the student’s registration file. Please refer to the HACS Library Policies & Services Handbook or contact the Director of Library Services at 860.632.3009 or with any questions.

Intra-library Loan Request Form

* indicates required field


The Copyright Compliance Committee (CCC)is an approved Committee of the Holy Apostles College and Seminary Faculty Senate.  The purpose of the Copyright Compliance Committee is to:

  • Develop, implement, and promote a campus-wide policy that addresses the copyright legislation of Title 17 U.S. Copyright Code, the DCMA, the TEACH Act, and future updates to this legislation.
  • Develop, implement, and promote an educational program of guidelines to inform all faculty, students, administrators, and relevant staff of U.S. Copyright legislation as it pertains to an academic environment.
  • Ensure that Holy Apostles College and Seminary meets the requirements of copyright compliance set forth under Title 17 U.S. Copyright Code, the DCMA, the TEACH Act, and future updates to this legislation.

The CCC meets monthly, except for July and December, the third Tuesday of each month.  Please send inquiries to the Chair at or 860-632-3011.


(click + to expand guidelines)

What is Copyright?

U.S. Copyright is a form of Intellectual Property law of the United States, U.S.Code Title 17,provided to the authors of “original works of authorship,” including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and certain other intellectual works. This protection is available to both published and unpublished works. (Circular 1: Copyright Basics)

Why is Copyright Important?

U.S. Copyright protection gives the owner of the copyright the exclusive “Bundle of Rights” tothe reproduction, distribution, adaptation as derivatives, performance, and display of the work under (Title 17: Section 106, 106A)

Limitations on the exclusive rights to the owner of copyright have been established for the following:

Useful Links for Understanding Copyright

Copyright Clearance Center

U.S. Copyright Office

American Library Association Copyright Guidelines 

Columbia University Copyright Advisory Office

In addition to the many resources available at Holy Apostles College and Seminary, we have also compiled a listing of external resources that may prove useful to our students and faculty. Click here to be taken to our external resource list.