Why Holy Apostles?

Why Holy Apostles?

Holy Apostles’ goal is for students, faculty and staff to be united in Christ in a culturally diverse atmosphere, fostering integral formation of the person, affective maturation and the capacity for healthy, holy and happy relationships.

We focus on the formation of the total person – humanly, intellectually and spiritually, in a unique environment that is a microcosm of the universal church.  Students from 5 continents are represented in at atmosphere that promotes the dignity of the person, their search for the truth, growth in the virtues and the acquisition of knowledge for their service to others.

A simple but profound illustration is a custom at Holy Apostles: a dean picks up the tray of students after lunch and clears the table; a small act promoting loving, humble, joyful service. Here, the goals enshrined by most colleges of individual autonomy and personal freedom to fulfill one’s desires are reconciled with the social nature of the person and the common good – a philosophy lived out in a familial community.



The collegial environment is one of the most unique that any student could experience anywhere. We are a small close-knit culturally diverse student body in a family environment representing five continents and made up of priests, seminarians, religious sisters and lay students. And while we are a Catholic college, our hearts and doors are open to all faith traditions and beliefs where everyone feels valued and welcome.



The environment gives rise to a process of maturation of intellectual, spiritual and human formation unlike anything else we know of that has the success of the student as its goal. Whether a student is here for two or three years or elects to graduate from Holy Apostles, the student who has studied at Holy Apostles has a significant advantage in his or her development.



Our mission is evangelization: for 60 years we have focused on: “Cultivating Catholic Leaders for Evangelization,” and we have experience in doing that like none other, educating seminarians internationally including from some of the most repressive regimes in the world. That yeast leavens the dough throughout the college, both on campus and online.



Our identity is Catholic. We are one of the few Catholic colleges where all members of the faculty must be approved by the bishop in order to ensure fidelity to the magisterium.

Holy Apostles nurtures the spiritual life, providing ample opportunity for prayer and contemplation. Each month, the first Friday is devoted to a Day of Recollection with silence on campus, prayer, Adoration, a speaker, and other services. Daily Adoration is Mon-Wed evenings, weekly from Thu evening to Sun morning. We help each student to have a life-changing personal and intimate encounter with the Person of Jesus Christ.

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Excellence Driven

Our academics are rigorous and challenging, intellectually and spiritually. Here is what a Systems Analyst in a Fortune 500 with an MBA from a well-known Catholic University had to say about her recent educational experience at Holy Apostles: “I found the professors to be incredibly gifted and full of knowledge, greatly challenging me intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and academically; even stretching me beyond even what I thought I was capable.”

HACS Faculty

Distinguished Faculty

Distinguished faculty at Holy Apostles contributes to the quality of the education and attests to the caliber of the type of educators available to the students. Our faculty includes Fr. Brian Mullady, adjunct professor at Holy Apostles,  has several series on Mother Angelica’s EWTN television network. Patrick Madrid, adjunct professor of theology at Holy Apostles College & Seminary, who is an internationally renowned speaker and author in the field of apologetics and radio host. Dr. Ronda Chervin, an international speaker and author of some sixty books about Catholic thought, practice and spirituality.


Ranked High Among Colleges

Holy Apostles is ranked as one of the top faithfully Catholic schools in the US by the very selective Cardinal Newman Society in its Newman Guide. It has an outstanding reputation as a seminary and an undergraduate and graduate educational institution for 60+ years. Holy Apostles is one of the recommended colleges in its annual listing in The National Catholic Register’s Catholic Identity College Guide. The Register’s 10th annual guide looked at 38 faithfully Catholic colleges and universities.



The beauty of the setting of Holy Apostles is breathtaking, on a hill overlooking the Connecticut River valley with its group of historic buildings, some 150+ years old along with newer buildings in the last 10 years. We are located in the historic town of Cromwell, Connecticut.



24/365 Online Campus

The 24/365 Online Campus means you can get your education at your own pace, at times convenient to you and your schedule and be in your career earning a living faster. Earn your AA in 1.3 years, BA in 2.6 years and MA in 1.3 years! And the cost is 25% of what the average tuition is at private liberal arts colleges.



Holy Apostles is one of the few institutions where seminarians, consecrated and lay students from around the globe attend the same classes growing in appreciation of each other’s vocation and calling, nurturing the beauty and value of vocations among the laity – on an international basis.

Counting your Costs


Our tuition rates are 72% lower than the average private liberal arts college, because we believe that a debt free graduate is a gift to the Church and society at large. This represents one of the best values available in the US for a high quality liberal arts education.

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Student Centered

As a family, we are here to support you in every way we can so that you can be successful. You won’t find a more supportive environment in which to learn and grow. We foster a loving, caring, serving and supportive culture where everyone feels accepted and valued for who they are.