The Holy Apostles College & Seminary M.A. Theses Collection

The chart below lists the titles and authors of the M.A. Theses submitted to the faculty of Holy Apostles College & Seminary since 1971.  Current requirements and guidelines for electing to write an M.A.Thesis can be found in our Holy Apostles College & Seminary Thesis Guidelines.

Last nameFirst nameTitle (* - digital copy available for loan by contacting Library)Year
Anyagwa *Donald OnuawuchiPastoral Care to Families with Physically and Mentally Challenged Children2015
Borchetta *TheresaRevelation of God the Father by Our Lord Jesus Christ2015
Danne *Nicholas M.Anscombian Brute Facts and Human Act Specification2015
Euk *Vincent T.The Transformation of the Physician from a Culture of Life to a Culture of Death2015
Ikwuegbu *Charles EbereThe Traditional Marriage in Uratta Vis-A-Vis Christian Marriage2015
McAfee *Shaun AlexanderUnum per Media: Achieving Ecumenical Dialog through the New Media2015
Morrison *John PaulChristian Perfection by Infused Contemplation as Understood by Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange and its Similarities with Christian Perfection by Entire Sanctification as Proposed by John Wesley2015
RaidtDaniel AndrewEarly Christian Interpretation of the Red Dragon and the Fallen Stars (Rev. 12:3-4)2015
Robinson *Charles E.The Phenomenology of Jean-Luc Marion: Opening Secular Philosophy to the Possibility of Theology2015
Scaduto *Cecelia MarieConcerning the Medical Authorization of Sexual Acts for Persons with Dementia2015
Wolfe *KathleenHuman Flourishing Through Caritas and Connaturalitas in Thomas Aquinas2015
Block *NathanaelA New Kind of Pregnancy: A Look at Embryo Adoption2014
Boriss *BarryPope Pius XII's Contribution to Scriptural Interpretation During the Holocaust2014
Bujno *StephenA Phenomenological Approach to Sacrifice as Gift: A Liturgical Anthropology2014
Buttjer *CynthiaBuilding Genuinely Human Relationships: How John Paul II's View of Social Media Overcomes the Fatalistic Approach of Jacques Ellul2014
Cronin *Molly A.The New Evangelization and Truth2014
DaggettJeremyAquinas and Scotus on the Existence of God: A Physical vs Metaphysical Approach2014
DamaniIsaacMarriage as a Spousal Covenant with Particular Reference to the Lolobi Tradition in Africa2014
DugginsPatrick A.N.Utilitarian Misunderstanding of Human Sexuality in the Twenty-First Century2014
HeffernMary KolbeAssessing the Influence of Bonaventurian Philosophy on Benedict XVI’s Response to the Dictatorship of Relativism2014
Hinkson *DezraThe Development of the Virtue of Obedience of Faith through the Mystery of Suffering2014
Klapyk *MiroslawThe Inherent Differences Between the Sexes in Accordance with St. Thomas Aquinas’ Philosophy of the Human Person2014
Kubick *Andrew S.An Ethical Analysis of Continued Somatic Support Following Maternal Brain Death2014
Marco *Anthony1 Corinthians 15 as a Lens for Interpreting the Appearance Narratives2014
Murray *Seth H.On the Complementarity of the Chief Goods of Virtue-Ethics, Deontology and Utilitarianism2014
PhungSau VanThe Reliability of the Use of Condoms for the Prevention of HIV/AIDS with Particular Reference to Sub-Saharan Africa2014
PosnerMargaret MaryGender as Intrinsic to Human Nature in Modern Catholic Personalism2014
Siegel *Richard J.The Selection, Training, and Utilization of Auditors in Diocesan Tribunals2014
Silvey *JaredAn Analysis and Defense of Pope Benedict XVI’s “Hermeneutic of Reform”2014
ToussaintKimberlyWoman’s Physical and Spiritual Vocation to Motherhood as Modeled by Mary, Blessed Virgin and Mother2014
Apodaca *ChristopherThe Epistemological Dependence of the Real Distinction Between Essence and Existence on Knoweldge of God’s Existence2013
Bullock *John‘To Be or To Think, That is the Question': Gilson’s Understanding of the Incompatibility Between Cartesian Idealism and Realism2013
Burns *William D.A Law to the Gentiles: Luke’s Sermon on the Plain2013
Ghaffari *Ali HassanAssassins and al-Qaeda: Finding Strategies to Combat Islamic Terrorism by Learning from the Past2013
Kijesky *MarkThe Invocation of the Lord’s Prayer as a Means of Interior Preparation for Praying the Petitions2013
MartinJennifer A.Spiritual Discernment, Desiring the Gift of God’s Direction2013
Perez *PhillipIncompatibilities Between the Austrian School of Economics and the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church2013
AsemotaMary John PaulThe Enrichment of Faith: John Paul II’s Proposal for the New Evangelization2012
FelixSteven, D.The St. Joseph’s Hospital Case in Light of Current Perspectives Regarding the Moral Object of the Act2012
Hill *Mary HelenThe Problem of Voluntarism and the Renewal of Modern Moral Theology from a Thomistic Perspective2012
CookeJillian E.Union with God in Action: The Relationship Between Contemplation and Action According the Thought of Saint Maximilian Mary Kolbe, OFM Conv.2011
KlenkKenneth F.Toward a Broader Natural Science Discipline2011
SichAlexander R.The Pedigree of Intelligent Design: A Confluence of Theological, Philosophical, and Scientific Errors2011
StoeppelAnthony J.J.Almsgiving in the Light of Pope Benedict XVI’s Visit to the United States2011
Tomic *Eduard V.The Conception of the Church as Expressed in the Postconciliar Journal Jukie2011
FrideEdward O.Philosophical Roots of Pope John Paul II’s Personalism2010
Acevedo-CruzAlmaHumanism in Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body2009
EttersDavid C.Conscience in Crisis: Autonomy vs. Authority2009
MacDonnellJohn A.Integral Formation of Catholic Children and Youth and Its Essential Components for Carrying Out John Paul II’s “New Evangelization”2009
WachsDavidPope John II’s Personalism and the Call to Holiness of the Catholic Physician2008
TumeinskiMarcTheology of Peacemaking in the Teaching of Reverend Emmanuel Charles McCarthy2007
AnelloRobert L.Holy Apostles College & Seminary, 1956-19952006
CaseyPaulCatholic Church and Science: The Case for Their Congruity2005
DayJames F.Emmaus Journey Narrative (Luke 24:13-35) A Study in Theological Purpose and Literary Intention2005
MeliaJanet Ruth CeciliaHow Does Knowledge of the Mimetic Desire, as Articulated by René Girard, Help the Christian to Form his Moral Wisdom (the Virtue of Prudence), and Encourage Him to Give Better Evangelic Testimony?2005
OrvoldDavid N.Sin and Grace: The Merit in Their Relationship2005
SchroederRobert G.Suffering & Moral Responsibility in Pope John Paul II’s Apostolic Letter, Salvifici Doloris2005
CroteauMarkPope John Paul II and the Universal Call to Holiness2004
CunisEileen M.The Vocation of the Catholic Artist2004
DavisThomas J.A Proposal for Advance Directives: Anthropology, Culture & Meaning2004
GrossSuzanneRadical Significance of Body in the Conjugal Union of Husband and Wife2004
JamesReesAn Examination of the Ontology of Elementary Particles2004
O’BrienAlfred J.Capital Punishment in the United States of America: the Moral Value2004
SchimbergAndrew W.Conceptualization within the Aristotelian/Thomistic Theory of Realism2004
WilliamsRobert E.Mary Co-Redemption in Scripture and Tradition2004
AdamoClareSt. Paul’s Image of Justification in his “Epistle to the Romans”2003
HoganMary D.Transparency Between Heaven and Earth in the Liturgy2003
KielyNancyModel for Parish Social Ministry Based on Catholic Social Teaching2003
GregorRobert M.The Necessity and Perfection of Religious Obedience2002
IsaacsNancy K.Oregon’s “Death with Dignity Act: Physician-Assisted Suicide Contrasted with Catholic Church Teaching2002
KucerPeter SamuelThe Corporate Celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours and Societies of Apostolic Life2002
MontemayorEduardo JesusThe Covenant Community of the Most Holy Trinity2002
MurrayMichael A.Not a Sparrow Falls…A Catholic Perspective on the Animal Rights Movement2002
ZmudzinskiCharlesThe Meaning of Gift of Self in Gaudium et Spes2002
ConnellyAnne MarieThe Use of Extraordinary Means for Patients Without Advanced Directives in the Emergency Department Setting2001
OserLance K.A Re-Examination of the Spanish Inquisition Under Three Aspects2001
GuardiolaLouis V.Dulles’ Six Models of the Church and the Trinitarian Model of the Church in Lumen Gentium2000
JohnsonTimothy D.Source and Summit: A Statement and Affirmation of the Catholic Dogma of the Presence and Activity of Christ in the Holy Eucharist: Sacrifice, Presence, and Priesthood2000
MenezesWade Louis JudeA Mirroring of the Divine Majesty: A Discussion of Mysterium, Actio and Vita as Analogous to the Role and Work of the Three Persons of the Most Holy Trinity2000
PanettaPatriciaJohn England: His Vision of Church and Its Application in the Diocese of Charleston, 1820-18422000
PerumbillySebastian AntonyGift of Life2000
Trejo LopezHoracioMy Pastoral Experience with Youth as a Seminarian and as a Priest2000
DinhHung DoaiThe Sacrifice of Christ: A Catholic Christological Doctrine1999
LegaultMichelMy Experience as Rector of a Seminary1999
GagneDiannaMother, Mediator, and Prophet: The Blessed Virgin as Revealed in the Writings of John and the Apparitions of Fatima and Medjugorje1997
WaterburyDamian D.Saint Thomas Aquinas: Preeminent Theologian of the Catholic Church?1997
FroulaJosefWhether the World is Better Because of the Existence of Evil1996
AsenciosMaximoThe Intercessory Power of the Most Blessed Mother1995
ToolinCynthiaGlobal Human Dislocation and the Universal Brotherhood of Man: An Ecological Perspective on the Common Good1995
NaduvilekootAugustinePortuguese Special Ministry1993
Brockett, Jr.NormanMagisterial Teaching on the Morality of Abortion: Some Key Statements (Vatican Council II — John Paul II) For Preaching and Catechesis1985
MaurielloMatthew R.The Divinely Granted Privileges of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Light of Certain Recent Papal Documents, for Use in Preaching and Catechetics1985
SnihurowychWiroslaw J.Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytskyj1985
CaulfieldGordon A.The Book of Tobit: A Question of Canonicity1984
ClemensT.B.A Survey Report on Four Foreign Soil Pilgrimages Relative to Catholic Church History1984
FranklinDavid W.The Cardinal Virtue of Temperance and Catholic Education1984
SayersDorothyIntroduction to Scripture1984
SayersDorothySpirit of Saint Lucy Filippini and Her Impact on Italian Immigrants in America1984
ScuderiSalvatoreThe Theandric Consciousness of Christ1984
Silva, Jr.ErnestChastity for the Sake of the Kingdom of Heaven1984
WinikoffArthurThe Epistle of St. James as a Source for Moral Emphasis in Homilies for Sundays1984
SharpGeorge FrancisThe Theology of the Church’s Mission in the World with a Reflection and Critique of Specific Missionary Experiences1982
ShawBrian A.The Soul as Considered in the “Summa De Bono” of Ulrich of Strasbourg: A Philosophical, Theological Study and Text1971