The Holy Apostles College & Seminary M.A. Special Projects Collection

The chart below lists the titles and authors of the M.A. Special Projects submitted to the faculty of Holy Apostles College & Seminary since 2014. Current requirements and guidelines for electing to write an M.A. Special Project can be found in our Holy Apostles College & Seminary M.A. Special Projects Guidelines for Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies (MAPS)

Last nameFirst nameTitle (* - digital copy available for loan)Year
KalinowskiAnna RoseA Walk through Salvation History in the Light of the Easter Candle2015
KennellyJohn R.1.The Origin of Catholic Hospitals in the U.S.
2.Catholic Social Teaching in Health Care
3.The Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services
Allmon *JenniferPreparing Now for the Hour of Our Death: Principles and Policies for End-of-Life Care2014
CrawfordWilliam R.Applied Philosophy, to Topics within Religious Fora, as the Discipline Pertains to the Claims of Classical Christian Theism2014
Gotay, Jr. *AlexThe Human Person in the World2014
NguyenLong HuyThe Role of the Spiritual Director in Vocational Discernment2014
PhamDinh VanTraining Program for Catechists Focused on the Seven Sacraments2014