International Etienne Gilson Society

The International Étienne Gilson Society (I.É.G.S.) (founded in Warsaw, Poland, in 2009 and moved in 2014 to become an institute within Holy Apostles College and Seminary [HACS], 33 Prospect Hill Rd., Cromwell, CT, USA) exists to promote the thought of Étienne Gilson. St. Thomas Aquinas, and classical philosophy in the academy and culture through sponsorship of scholarly enterprises such as publication of the international journal Studia Gilsoniana, academic conferences, and research projects. The I.É.G.S is presently housed within the HACS St. John Paul II Graduate Concentration in Christian Wisdom, chaired by Dr. Peter A. Redpath, president of the I.É.G.S.

Images republished with permission from The Malebranche Moment by Dr. Richard Fafara

ILLUSTRATION 1. 10 Elmsley Place, Toronto, built (1896) as a private residence, became the first home of the Institute for Mediaeval Studies in 1929. The building was demolished in 1962.


ILLUSTRATION 2. E. Gilson, Toronto, 1929 (Frederick William Lyonde)

Gilson H & S

ILLUSTRATION 3, E. Gilson and M.-D. Chenu, Toronto, 1930

Gilson & Chenu Father

ILLUSTRATION 4, E. Gilson and Jacques Thibaudeau, Montreal, 1927


ILLUSTRATION 5, E. Gilson with the muskellunge he caught at La Point in Beaucharnois on Lake St. Francis, Quebec. For years, the mounted fish hung in Gilson’s study at Vermenton.

Gilson With Fish

ILLUSTRATION 6. E. Gilson at Cluny, 1949 (A. Maurer)


ILLUSTRATION 7. E. Gilson And his wife Thérèse at Cluny, 1949 (A. Maurer)

Gilson & Wife 1949