St. John Paul II Bioethics Center

A Brief History of the Pope John Paul II Lecture Series in Bioethics

The Pope John Paul II Bioethics Conference/Concert, Nov. 6, 2013

A Renewal of the Lecture Series

Original Lecture Series


Congregations / Vatican Curia / Doctrinal Documents

End-of-life Considerations

  • Advance Medical Directives
  • Anatomical Gift & Brain Death
  • Assisted Nutrition & Hydration
  • End of Life
  • Palliative Care – Hospice

Family and Sexuality

Health Care

  • Charter for Health Care Workers
  • Health Care & Biotechnology – Issues and Quandaries
  • Pharmacological Issues – Vaccines
  • Quality of Life

International Issues and Developments

  • In development.


  • Conscience Protections in Health Care
  • Cooperation and its Limits
  • State Intrusions & Mandates

Research and Biotechnology

  • Enhancement Research & Application
  • Gene Therapy & Genetic Interventions
  • Nanotechnology
  • Research Ethics
  • Stem Cell-Embryo-Fetal Research & Therapy

Advanced Medical Directives

Assisted Nutrition & Hydration

End of Life

Palliative Care – Hospice

Pregnancy & Birth

Same Sex Attraction

Cooperation and its Limits

Double Effect

Informed Consent


Integrity and Totality

Proportionate & Disproportionate Means

Do Not Resuscitate Orders

Catholic Church


Universities and Institutes of Learning

Medical Associations/Institutes and Health Care Related Organizations

Other Catholic Organizations

Law Related Entities


On-line Databases & E-Reference Books

Reference Sources from the Library Collection

  • Catholic Health Care Ethics  (Bioethics REF R 724 C38 2001)
  • Catholic Health Care Ethics 2nd ed. (Bioethics REF R 724 C38 2009)
  • Defending Life 2010   (Bioethics REF KF 3771 Z95 D43 2010)
  • Handbook of Bioethics Terms (Bioethics REF R 725.5 T83 2009)

Internet Links & Associations

Pertinent Journals from the Library Collection

  • Dolentium Hominum
  • Ethics & Medics
  • The Hastings Center Report
  • The Human Life Review
  • The Linacre Quarterly
  • The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly

Pertinent Books from the Library Collection