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Bachelor of Arts in Sacred Art

Holy Apostles College and Seminary has partnered with the Sacred Art Institute at Enders Island located just off the coast of historic Mystic, CT.

The mission of Holy Apostles College and Seminary is to cultivate lay, consecrated and ordained Catholic leaders for the purpose of evangelization. The Bachelor of Arts program in Sacred Art prepares students to evangelize the world through beauty that proclaims the glory and truth of the Lord.

To earn a major in Sacred Art at Holy Apostles College and Seminary, a student must take, in addition to required courses for the B.A. program:

  • six (6) required online sacred art courses (3 credits each for a total of 18 credits);
  • four (4) elective online sacred art courses;

Degree Plan for BA in Sacred Art (Click Here)

SAI 214 History of Christian Iconography

This course explores Christian iconography since its origins. It surveys major historical developments of Christian iconography, and highlights the styles, themes, materials and process that an iconographer uses to write an Icon. It also focuses on learning to read iconographical symbolism in relation to Scripture and liturgy in particular within a Byzantine iconographical church program, and emphasizes the notion of aesthetics as they relate to the theology of the Icon and its meanings.

SAI 213 Theology of the Icon

This course explores the canonical Scriptures and Apocrypha and their influence on Christian iconography. It analyzes various Christian artworks from both pseudo-canonical and scriptural standpoints, enabling students to understand the Bible as main source of inspiration fundamental to Christian iconography, as well as the Apocrypha and their enduring significance in Christian art both in rhetorical and pictorial forms. We will investigate selected Christian icons and artwork to develop an understanding the theological foundation and interpretation of Christian iconography.

SAI 334 Sacred Music

This course explores the use of music in liturgical practices of various Eastern and Western Christian traditions. We will examine the role of religion in perpetuation of Eastern and Western Christian sacred music, as well as a selection of great musical works and innovations. Students will develop a deeper appreciation for the diverse repertoire of Christian music, learn to identify the historical origins of its modern day applications, and develop the ability to recognize and categorize its different uses. Online only, taught by Youssef Chedid.

SAI 323 Christian Archaeology, Art, & Architecture

This course examines Christian archaeology, art, and architecture and also investigates religious heritage sites. The course highlights the multidisciplinary nature and function of archaeology as it relates to Christian art and architecture. Students will learn about excavation methods, phases of archaeology, salvaging, research, interpretation, preservation, conservation art and architectural heritage.

SAI 372 Aesthetics in Sacred Art

This course explores the various elements of aesthetics in Sacred Christian Art in comparison with secular Christian arts of religious themes, and of art in general. We learn the specifics of Christian theological, doctrinal, theosophical and philosophical thought foundations as they relate to aesthetics in sacred arts, and examine their evolution through the ages. Students will recognize and develop an appreciation for the uniqueness of the aesthetics used in Christian arts through their multiple facets, intended relation, and effect on the human senses both cognitively, symbolically and spiritually. Online only, taught Michela Ferri.

SAI 427 Hagiography from Sacred Art to Liturgy

This course explores the life of saints through their representation in figurative sacred artwork. It explains the relation between Iconographic hagiography in its liturgical and scriptural contexts. Its main purpose is to enable the students to understand, appreciate, study and interpret hagiographic Iconography and its meaning and uses in sacred space and time within liturgy.

SAI 171 Sacred Art Research & Documentation

This course is an essential tool that students need in order to perform proper academic research methodology and documentation within a sacred arts context. It familiarizes the students with academic research, writing, documentation and Sacred Arts projects – both theoretical and practical – presentation. The primary purpose of this course is to assist students in understanding and applying research processes and best practices, and to enable them to perform and present academic investigation and interpretation of sacred artworks-related data using creativity, ingenuity, thoroughness and critical thinking.

SAI 222 Christian Arts through the Ages

This course explores the historical geography of various Christian art forms from early Christianity to present time and highlights its diversity in time and space within different cultural and social contexts. Students will learn to appreciate, identify and interpret the specificities of various monuments and artworks that attest to the rich diversity of Christian sacred artworks from across the world. NOTES: Geographical and chronological approach to the development of Christian symbolism and art. An historical approach to art and monuments. Description of the study of the history of sacred art.

SAI 330 History of Calligraphy and Illumination

This course surveys the evolution of Christian calligraphy, manuscripts, illumination and miniatures since the Early Christian era. It provides and overview of the writing systems of the Scriptures and the primary calligraphic sources from Judaism to Christianity, and the development of and transformations of the arts of calligraphy and illumination as a distinct branch of Christian art.

SAI 437 History of Mosaics, Murals, & Stained Glass

This course is a general survey of the historical development of mosaic, mural, and stained glass, their meaning, purpose and uses since their earliest phases until the present. It explores the ideas, values, purpose, and technical, historical and socio-cultural contexts of art production through the study of a selection of artworks from major art history eras from across the world.

High School and Homeschool Juniors and Seniors can participate in college-level courses and earn college credit or advanced standing upon enrollment at their 4-year institution.


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