Ronda Chervin

Celebrating Dr. Ronda Chervin on her retirement & new adventure!

Dr. Chervin tells us:

I am living in an apartment annexed to a convent which is 2 blocks from a Church, 2 blocks from the Bay, and 2 blocks from many Catholic friends.

Work will continue on the series of booklets Why I am Still a Catholic, and WCAT radio – part of EnrouteBooksand Media.

Also, I will be doing a series for a group of Catholic women on Way of Love, and a group for Catholic writers.

I plan to go door to door trying to bring Catholics who have left the sacraments back to the Church.

A few books are in planning stages as well.

For those who want to follow my thoughts, there is always my blog RondaView to be found on under blogs!

Please pray for me as I pray for you.

Dr. Ronda Chervin announces her retirement to the Holy Apostles College & Seminary Community

December 11, 2016

Dear Holy Apostles College and Seminary Community,

Sebastian asked me if I would write an e-mail to you all for our web-page.

I hesitated! I thought of those on campus who have known me for 8 years including at 3 meals a day and who might think:

“What, we have to hear from that garrulous ego-centric maniac even after she’s retired?”


But, after prayer, I thought:

“Instead of writing some sort of smooth PR letter, I will write my sort of communication…let them censor it, if anyone cares to! Ahem!”

Let me start with why Holy Apostles College and Seminary was the best place for me I ever taught at.

My first big teaching job was as an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Loyola Marymount University of Los Angeles. The chair of the department was intrigued that I was a convert from a Jewish but atheistic background. Another Edith Stein, he hoped!

I came to the university planning to simplify all my notes from graduate school where I studied with Dietrich Von Hildebrand and Norris Clarke, S.J.  and other great professors.

The first day of class changed my plan.

A jaunty, handsome young student accosted me after the first class:

“Dr. Chervin, you’re not just going to read from those old notes without even getting to know us, are you?”

I cried all the way home on my hour and half commute! “What am I going to do?”

But light came with the morn.  The Holy Spirit seemed to tell me to begin the next class by asking the students what each one’s highest truth was.  And that began what I now label as a method that could be called Transformative Catholic Philosophy.  That is, a method of teaching where there is an explicit calling forth of the students’ own experiences in relationship to each truth.

A simple example:  If I quote Dietrich Von Hildebrand as teaching that “love is a response to the unique preciousness of another,” the students have to give examples from their own lives. Many of the students, some of whom went on to be philosophy professors themselves, loved this method, but not, of course, those whose main life-style was partying and sports.

After 17 years of teaching at Loyola Marymount, for many reasons, I joined the faculty of St. John’s Seminary of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. I loved teaching the so serious seminarians. And they liked a professor who related philosophical concepts to experiences in ways they could use themselves in a pastoral context.

Later teaching experiences were at Notre Dame Apostolic Institute in Virginia, founded by Msgr. Eugene Kevane; Franciscan University of Steubenville; Our Lady of Corpus Christi of the Society of Our Lady of the Trinity (SOLT); and finally at Holy Apostles for the last 8 years.

I won’t tell you all the reasons why I left those places, but just say that I loved Holy Apostles because it combined serious, inspiring students, seminarians, sisters, and lay students, with a living situation as a dedicated widow, where the holes in my heart of the deaths within 5 years of my parents, godparents, husband, and son, would come to be filled with the love of the community. (No, all my family didn’t die at that time. I am graced with 2 daughters, 8 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.)

Included in the joy of teaching at Holy Apostles was my introduction to on-line teaching.  Not the tech part which caused me to go to confession sometimes 2x in a week from rage at glitches, but the joy of encountering wonderful, ardent students from all over the world, who in their zeal for Catholic truth often turned in assignments at 3 AM their time!

During all those times of teaching, I was a writer of many Catholic books. Of these the most philosophical are Voyage to Insight (an interactive introduction to philosophy); The Art of Choosing; Living in Love: About Christian Ethics; Feminine, Free and Faithful; Love of Wisdom (co-author Msgr. E. Kevane); and Catholic Realism: Refuting Atheism and Evangelizing Atheists (co-author Sebastian Mahfood); and, most recently, The Way of Love.

All in all, I have written some fifty-five books, most of them in the field of spirituality.

When people ask me how I could have been a philosophy professor, a wife and mother and written all those books I jokingly say:

“I wrote them while you were watching T.V.”


when the questioner is a mother

“I had 4 miscarriages. Which of your children, who will live for all eternity, would you exchange for a book which will one day be in a garbage bin?”

So, why did I stop teaching this year?

I like to quip:

“I am 79 and I have 9 toes in eternity.  When you are 79 you will understand perfectly.”

God bless all of you in the Holy Apostles Community!  I love you!  Dr. Ronda

Dr. Ronda Chervin, received a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Fordham University and an MA in Religious Studies from Notre Dame Apostolic Institute. She is a widow, mother, and grandmother.

Ronda converted to the Catholic Faith from a Jewish, though atheistic, background and has been a Professor of Philosophy and Theology at Loyola Marymount University, the Seminary of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, and Franciscan University of Steubenville. She is an international speaker and author of some fifty books about Catholic thought, practice and spirituality.


  • Ph.D., Philosophy, Fordham University, NY
  • M.A., Religious Studies in Spirituality, Notre Dame Apostolic Institute, VA

New Book Release

Our friend, Dr. Ronda Chervin, professor emerita of philosophy at Holy Apostles College & Seminary, now in retirement in Corpus Christi, TX, has her new book published by En Route Books & Media out on Amazon today. She describes her book in this way:

All of us hope that others think of us as loving persons. But do we really have nothing but love in our hearts: how about anger, anxiety, despair, annoyance, the blahs…? Learn from Dr. Ronda’s The Way of Love how to understand different types of love, how to overcome obstacles to love with the grace of God, and how to make loving moral decisions. Respond to the challenge of becoming more loving day by day as a spiritual marathon runner.

You may also find the book on the publisher’s website at

I engaged Dr. Alice von Hildebrand recently, who gave Ronda’s book the following endorsement:

“I was the first Catholic that Ronda met, and we became friends immediately. She could be called ‘the Apostle of the Confused’ because, through grace, she is making good use of her atheistic background to reach many of those who live in darkness and confusion. The water of atheism (and other dirty water) is changed into the wine of faith.” – Dr. Alice von Hildebrand, author of Man and Woman: A Divine Intervention

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