Online Writing Lab Resources


Here are the Special Project Guidelines (September 2015).

Here are the Thesis Guidelines (April 2017).

Here are the Guidelines for Papers, Projects, and Theses

Here are the Abridged Guidelines for Papers, Projects, and Theses

Here is a Sample Paper.

For stylistic and bibliographic needs not included in the Holy Apostles Stylesheet linked above, please refer to either of these resources below.

Chicago Documentation Style
Turabian Quickguide

This style sheet is based on Chicago Manual of Style. An easy to use citation engine for Chicago can be found at StyleEase website. Others like this one may also be available online.

To avoid reinventing the concept of the OWL, we’re happy to direct you to Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab.

Paper Formatting Faux-Pas (or, how to recognize simple composition errors in your own writing – a humorous approach to a real issue)” by Dr. Daniel Van Slyke

Plagtracker, a free online service to check papers for plagiarism.

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