New Chair of Thomistic Studies Established

New Chair of Thomistic Studies Established

Good morning, friends,

I’d like you to join me in welcoming Dr. John Hittinger, currently Professor of Philosophy and chair of undergraduate philosophy at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas.

Dr. Hittinger will assume part-time teaching duties at Holy Apostles this coming academic year, teaching two online courses for us in the Advanced Graduate Certificate (AGC) in Philosophy program – a course in political philosophy this fall and another course in metaphysics this spring. He will also give one public lecture per academic year on our campus here in Cromwell, a lecture that will be broadcast live to our online community and saved for on-demand viewing on our YouTube channel.

Dr. Hittinger’s hire will establish for us at Holy Apostles a Chair in Thomistic Studies that will eventually be responsible for the direction of the AGC in Philosophy and any future degrees that may develop out of that.

Many blessings, Dr. Hittinger, and welcome!

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