New Booklet Series: Why I Am Still Catholic

Why I Am Still Catholic

Ronda Chervin, Ph.D., Editor


Dr. Chervin writes below on how this series came to fruition:

In the year 2016 I read somewhere that 60% of Catholics have left the Church or only attend occasionally!

I was shocked! Myself a convert from an atheist but Jewish background, Jesus, manifested and coming to me, in the Catholic Church is the greatest joy in my life…from time into eternity!

How could it be that so many Catholics have lost faith in a church that offers so much?

I believe it was the Holy Spirit that suggested to me a remedy. Suppose the parish racks had little booklets written by strong believers, such as myself, describing why we are still Catholics in spite of many of the same experiences which have alienated other Catholics! Such a series of booklets could attract wavering Catholics or be given by strong Catholics to family and friends who have left us. In this way our series was born.

We suggest that these booklets be offered in Catholic bookstores and PARISH RACKS with a banner saying: “A Way to Reach out to Family and Friends who are Wavering or Non-practicing Catholics”

The beautifully designed booklets are published by GoodBooksMedia and may be found at: There you can read a booklet online or order hardcopies for your parishes and ministries. A bulk order discount is available.

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