New book by HACS Adjunct, Dr. Matthew Ramage

Dr. Matthew Ramage, Adjunct Professor of Holy Apostles College & Seminary, has recently released a sequel volume to his “Dark Passages of the Bible” entitled “Jesus, Interpreted: Benedict XVI, Bart Ehrman, and the Historical Truth of the Gospels.” (Catholic University of America Press)

In this sequel, Dr. Ramage “turns his attention from the Old to the New Testament, now tackling truth claims bearing directly on the heart of the Christian faith cast into doubt by contemporary New Testament scholarship: Did God become man in Jesus, or did the first Christians make Jesus into God? Was Jesus’ resurrection a historical event, or rather a myth fabricated by the early Church? Will Jesus indeed return to earth on the last day, or was this merely the naive expectation of ancient believers that reasonable people today ought to abandon?” (

Brant Pitre, Notre Dame Seminary – New Orleans, LA, provided the following review: “Two of the best-selling authors on Jesus that are alive today are the agnostic New Testament scholar Bart Ehrman and the emeritus Pope Benedict XVI.  In this thought-provoking new study, Matthew Ramage puts these two seemingly diametrically opposed figures–Ehrman and Benedict–into extensive conversation with one another.  The result is an in-depth exploration that should be required reading for any scholar interested in the historical Jesus and the truth of the Gospels.”.

The Holy Apostles College & Seminary community congratulates Dr. Ramage on his new publication! To order the book you may visit Dr. Ramage’s site at or purchase through

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