The National Catholic Bioethics Center – Concentration in Bioethics

Master of Arts in Theology

concentration in Bioethics with NCBC certificate

Holy Apostles College & Seminary also offers its Master of Arts in Theology degree with a concentration in Bioethics in conjunction with the National Catholic Bioethics Center.

Program Overview

Holy Apostles and the NCBC are collaborating to provide a unique educational opportunity for professionals and students interested in receiving general or specialized graduate training in the growing field of Catholic bioethics. One result of this collaborative effort is a one-year sequence of graduate-level courses in bioethics available through Holy Apostles’ Online Learning Program. Qualified students pursuing Certification in Health Care Ethics with the NCBC (National Catholic Bioethics Center) may receive 9 graduate-level college credits through the Online Learning Program at Holy Apostles for the coursework completed leading to certification.

A detailed description of the new course sequence in Catholic Bioethics is presented below.

The sequence of courses in Catholic Bioethics will be taught by Fr. Tadeusz (Tad) Pacholczyk, Ph.D., who is the Director of Education at the NCBC and is recognized as one of the leading experts in the field of Catholic bioethics. Fr. Pacholczyk serves as an adjunct faculty member at Holy Apostles College & Seminary.

Professionals and others interested in obtaining Graduate credits while pursuing the Certificate in Health Care Ethics through the NCBC, must work with our Admissions Department and apply to Holy Apostles in one of two ways.  One way is to apply as a Graduate student into the Masters of Arts in Theology, concentrating in Bioethics with NCBC.  The other way is to apply as a Personal Interest student where you can have the 3 NECHE accredited courses transferred to another Institution.

The NCBC sequence of courses in bioethics is a one-year program that has both fall and spring start dates. The following courses comprise the NCBC bioethics sequence. Students pursuing NCBC certification and/or the Theology concentration in Bioethics must take the three bioethics courses described below:

BIE 653 Guiding Principles of Catholic Medical Ethics 
This course explores the extraordinary challenges, both medical and moral, currently facing Health care in the U.S. The Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services, will be used to overview critical topics in Catholic medical ethics. Online Only. Taught by Fr. Tad Pacholczyk.

BIE 673 Catholic Bioethics and the Dignity of the Human Person 
This course examines key areas of modern bioethics, and be able to articulate the major ethical concerns raised by these issues and areas where ethical ambiguity may still exist from the vantage point of Catholic teaching. Online Only. Taught by Fr. Tad Pacholczyk.

BIE 675 Case Studies and Applied Topics 
This course examines a number of bioethical topics and critically analyzes case studies from a Catholic perspective, including research ethics, ethics committee process topics, beginning and end-of-life ethical issues, selected clinical issues. Online Only. Taught by Fr. Tad Pacholczyk.

Please contact the Holy Apostles NCBC Liaison, Jennifer Arel, at or (860)632-3070 for further details of the program, including cost.