MAPS Graduates Now on Fast-track to Become Board Certified Life Coaches

Life Coaching is a rapidly growing sector of the human services industry. Holy Apostles College and Seminary is pleased to announce that graduates of the Master of Pastoral Studies program are now eligible for a fast-track process to becoming Board Certified Coaches through the Center for Credentialing and Education, an affiliate of the National Board for Certified Counselors that certifies over 25,000 professionals globally in a variety of fields

Life Coaches are helping professionals dedicated to teaching people the skills they need to attain their personal, relational, or even spiritual goals.  Like personal trainers, who help clients achieve greater physical strength and well-being through targeted exercise strategies, Professional Life Coaches teach clients exercises that build emotional, interpersonal and character strength.

According to Success Magazine, the International Coaching Federation (the largest trade association for Professional Life Coaches) estimates that “about 41,300 active professional coaches worldwide generated nearly $2 billion in annual revenue. In North America, about 14,060 coaches earned some $707 million.”  Unlike licensed counselors and psychologists, Professional Life Coaches do not diagnose or treat mental or emotional disorders, but rather teach skills, design development training programs, and provide professional support to help clients clarify, set, and achieve personal, professional, and relationship goals.

Dr. Greg Popcak, HACS MAPS Program Director said, “Today, Life Coaches are stepping in to do a great deal of the work that pastors, marriage and family life ministers, youth ministry professionals, bereavement ministers, and other pastoral care workers have done in the past; supporting people in becoming a better, more grace-filled versions of themselves. We want graduates who pursue this path to see themselves as the soul of the life coaching profession.  I’m excited that HACS MAPS grads are being prepared to enter this field equipped with both the timeless wisdom of our Catholic faith and the knowledge of the ‘science of accompaniment’ that the coaching profession provides.  Whether they serve the Church or their local communities, MAPS graduates who become Board Certified Life Coaches will be well-prepared to facilitate the growth and development of the whole person.”

Board Certification for Life Coaches usually requires 120 hours of training in an accredited coach training program as well as 30 hours of professional supervision.  Under CCE rules, because of the nature of the MAPS degree, graduates of the program would be eligible for Board Certification with only 30 hours of coach-specific training besides completing the supervision requirement.

Dr. Popcak concluded, “Part of the mission of HACS is to train faithful leaders who are capable of being missionary disciples in the Church and in the world.  This new opportunity is just one more way HACS is helping learners fulfill their mission to be salt and light.”




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