Holy Apostles is designed to serve lay commuter students. The college has no on-campus or off-campus housing for lay students, nor is it directly involved in any way in helping students to find off-campus housing. Specifically, the college does not maintain any listing of available rental housing, nor does it keep any list of real estate companies, landlords/lessors or public housing agencies, nor does it offer any advice or oversight for students living independently off campus.

Students who are unable to commute to campus but who wish to attend Holy Apostles must find their own housing, make their own rental arrangements, accept all financial and other liability for such arrangements, provide for their own transportation, storage and moving expenses, and be prepared for all the responsibilities of independent living, including health care. In short, such students are responsible for providing their own living arrangements so they can commute to campus.

Listed below is publicly available contact information that may help students to locate rental housing. The college neither recommends nor discourages the use of this information and is not responsible for any misrepresentation or liability that may result from the use of such information for any reason.

The Rare Reminder (free weekly shopper)

The Hartford Courant (daily newspaper)

The Middletown Press (daily newspaper)

PadMapper App

Greater Hartford Board of Realtors — 860.581.1800

Mid-Shore Board of Realtors — 860.395.0588