Holy Apostles Student Releases Two New Books!

Congratulations to Holy Apostles student, Tommage Rehan Derrick Sirinimal Fernando on the release of his two books!.

The first is entitled Ha-Shem: A Timely Return to the Primordial Experience.

Taking as his starting point the works of Gustavo Gutiérrez and Aloysius Pieris, SJ, Rehan Derrick Sirinimal Fernando lays out in the pages of this book how, in our worship today, we are concerned with many external things, but we perhaps lose the sense of internal spirituality. Our worship has to be centered on the service that leads us to our Father who is the creator of all things.

The second is entitled The Curtain was Torn and is an original work examining the nature of the priest as victim.

The letter to the Hebrews gives a full account of Jesus’ high priesthood. New humanity did not emerge through prestige and possession but through weakness, failures and humility. When the letter to the Hebrews mentions ‘you are a priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek’ (5:6, 7:17, 7:21), we need to remember that the new priesthood of Jesus Christ does not belong to a cultic priesthood. Melchizedek was neither a cultic priest nor a priest who exercised the cultic rituals. Jesus was not associated with Old Testament priesthood. When he died on the cross, the curtain of the Jerusalem Temple was torn in two from top to bottom (Mtt 27:51). The cultic priestly way of prestige and possession was over through his sacrifice. The new priesthood therefore comes through victimhood. In light of this, the author, following Pope Francis, calls for the renewal of the priesthood of our time.


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