Sponsor a Seminarian or Religious Sister

In the Sponsor a Seminarian Program, we ask supporters to personally help Holy Apostles Seminary defray the costs of educating our seminarians. The expenses of providing education for priests goes far beyond the ordinary expenses of tuition and similar fees.

All donations to the Sponsor a Seminarian Program are used toward a scholarship fund for our seminarians.  We do not match our sponsors with specific seminarians, but rather ask that you keep all of our students, faculty and administration in your prayers.

In addition to praying for our seminarians as they progress toward the priesthood, sponsors donate $1 daily or $365 annually, to help form seminarians after the heart of Christ.  Pledges can be made in full, quarterly, or monthly and paid by check, VISA or Mastercard.

For more information on this or other development opportunities, please contact the Holy Apostles Development Office or by phone 860.632.3077.