Associate of Arts

The Associate of Arts program is a 60 credit undergraduate degree in Theology. The program is designed specifically for the person who has an interest in a liberal arts education and wants to work towards a Bachelor’s degree at a future date. The A.A. program requires an understanding of theology, philosophy, humanities, social science, mathematics and the physical sciences. A maximum of thirty credit hours with a grade of C or higher will be accepted for transfer into the program, provided credits are from accredited colleges, have not already been used for an A.A. degree or higher, and are applicable to the A.A. degree. Acceptance of transfer credits is at the discretion of the Academic Dean. Of accepted transfer credits, only nine may be in a student’s area of concentration. There is a six year time limit from entry into the program for completion of the degree requirements.

Admission Requirements for the Program
Applicants for the A.A. program should follow the College Division Admissions Procedure. They must possess a high school diploma or equivalent. Applicants must be able to show proficiency in both English and Mathematics, either evidenced by previous college experience or by proficiency exam.


Undergraduate Chairs


A.A. Liberal Arts – Prof. Cynthia Gniadek
A.A. Religious Studies – Dr. Marianne Siegmund
A.A. Theology  – Dr. J. Marianne Seigmund

B.A. English in the Humanities – Prof. Cynthia Gniadek
B.A. History in the Social Sciences – Fr. Peter Kucer
B.A. Philosophy – Prof. Christopher Apodaca
B.A. Sacred Art – Dr. Michela Ferri
B.A. Theology – Dr. J. Marianne Siegmund

On Campus

A.A. Liberal Arts – Dr. Angelyn Arden
A.A. Theology – Dr. Dawn Eden Goldstein

B.A. English in the Humanities – Dr. Angelyn Arden
B.A. History in the Social Sciences – Fr. Peter Kucer
B.A. Philosophy – Fr. Michel Legault, M.S.A.
B.A. Theology – Dr. Dawn Eden Goldstein