Holy Apostles College & Seminary

Bachelor of Arts

Summary of the Program

The 120-credit hour Bachelor of Arts Degree program provides a philosophically-based Catholic honors liberal arts curriculum with a major in Philosophy, Theology, English in the Humanities or History in the Social Sciences. The program is designed to give the student the proper preparation for graduate work in a related area, for teaching or for ministry.

The B.A. program requires an understanding of Philosophy, Theology, Humanities, Social Sciences, Mathematics and the Physical Sciences.

A maximum of ninety credit hours with a grade of C or higher will be accepted for transfer into the B.A. program, provided credits are from accredited colleges, have not already been used for a Bachelor’s degree or higher and are applicable to the B.A. degree. Of accepted transfer credits, only fifteen may be in a student’s area of concentration. Acceptance of transfer credits is at the discretion of the Academic Dean.

There is a six-year time limit from entry into the program for completion of the degree requirements.

Admission Requirements to the B.A. Program

Applicants for the B.A. program should follow the College Division Admissions Procedure. They must possess a high school diploma or equivalent. Applicants must be able to show proficiency in English, either evidenced by previous college experience, or by proficiency exam.

Bachelor of Arts Degree Curriculum

  Fall Semester            Spring Semester
First Year


Liberal Arts and Sciences

  1. Poetry*
  2. Math*
  3. Humanities in Ancient World
  4. Composition and Rhetoric
  5. Catechism Pillars I & II*
  1. Drama*
  2. Physics-Lab*
  3. Humanities in Early Christian World
  4. Sociology
  5. Catechism Pillars III & IV*
Second Year


Liberal Arts and Sciences

  1.  Novel*
  2. American History
  3. Western Civilization I*
  4. Latin I
  5. Political Science
  1. Psychology*
  2. Chemistry-Lab
  3. Western Civilization II*
  4. Latin II
  5. Economics
Third Year



  1.  Logic
  2. History of Ancient Philosophy*
  3. Ethics
  4. Scripture*
  5. Fine Arts
  1.  Philosophical Anthropology*
  2. History of Medieval Philosophy*
  3. Metaphysics*
  4. Moral Theology*
  5. Church History
Fourth Year



  1. Epistemology
  2. Synoptic Gospels
  3. Theology of The Body*
  4. Liturgical Theology
  5. Major Area Elective
  1. Philosophy of God*
  2. Letters of St. Paul
  3. Bioethics*
  4. Apologetics*
  5. Major Area Elective

Number of Core or Recommended Courses: (a major constitutes 10 courses in the areas of Theology, Philosophy, History in the Social Sciences, and English in the Humanities). Students may double major by taking ten courses in each of two areas.

  Theology 10    
  Humanities 9    
  Philosophy 8    
  Social Science 8    
  Math/Science 3    
  Electives 2    
  Total 40    
*= Core Courses
20 Core Courses x 3 Credits each = 60 Credit Core