Testimonials In Praise of the College

“HACS was the ideal program for this Episcopalian. Despite my initial worries that a non-Catholic might flounder amidst an unfamiliar lexicon, I quickly realized that we all are offshoots of the one tradition, all share one human history and past traditions of thought, and all face collective challenges today as people in a quickly-changing world. Professors were intelligent, well-informed, hospitable and readily available to advise–often even on weekends or off hours, when residential college faculty often aren’t. It was all the more remarkable because students in the program were attending literally from all over the globe. Classes quickly became small international communities–people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities, tackling challenging and inspiring material together, growing, and always aimed toward the collective, universal good of all people and creation.” Liza Field, graduated September 15, 2015

“Holy Apostles College and Seminary is lead by superior management. I know this as a student-customer who has earned his degrees from Holy Apostles, I know this because I have worked closely with the management of Holy Apostles, and I know this because my business experience and success in business tells me this is so.” Sincerely, Michael A. Brinda, Founder, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, graduated September 15, 2014, continuing studies to date

“With rare exception, I found both the faculty and curriculum to be of the highest quality. I found the faculty to be knowledgeable in their subject areas and, for the most part, attentive to the needs of the students. The curriculum was designed to be challenging at the graduate level and comprehensive within the major subject area..On the whole I found very little room for improvement.” Richard J. Siegel, M.Mus. J.D.,M.A Th., graduated January 30, 2015

“Holy Apostles College is a wonderful opportunity to learn about God. As one who has taken multiple Masters Degrees my learning experience here is one of the highlights of my educational background.” Mr. Barry Boriss, MA in Theology, graduated January 30, 2015

“Holy Apostles’ online philosophy program provided me with an understanding of the main figures, questions, and issues throughout the history of philosophy. The faculty deepened my foundation through courses in metaphysics and phenomenology, and they introduced me to the exciting world of scholarship by forming my skills in academic research and writing prior to my thesis work. More memorable than the excellent courses I took were the highly intelligent and caring professors who dedicated themselves to my classmates and me throughout the program. Thanks to the community formed by these professors and my fellow students, I am proud to call Holy Apostles ‘home.'” – Ms. Cynthia Buttjer, MA in Philosophy, graduated May 2, 2015

“A diamond in the sand. Holy Apostles College and Seminary is by far one of the finest institutions in the world. Educating students and seminaries with the highly skilled instructors who encourage open dialogue and dynamic introspection growth that not only cultivates the person that you are but the one you were meant to be. Many of their degree programs are offered online for those who are raising families and working full time. Affordable, friendly, and easy to access, HACS will get any student where they need to be.”Mr. Mike Frey, MA in Pastoral Studies, future graduate

“I cannot tell you the effect that Holy Apostles Philosophy Online Program has had on me and the ministry that I find myself in. Most people would state that philosophy is very “notional” (Newman) or “objective” (Aquinas); however, the philosophy that I learned at HACS took me deeper.  It was/is so much was more “real” (Newman) and very applicable to my own relationship with God and in the apostolate. I cannot say enough about the program!!!  The teachers are amazingly friendly and accessible.  I went to a “brick and mortar” institution – HACS professors are more accessible.  They each actually took time to make sure you understand and always helped in any way.  I am truly thankful for HACS!! – Mr. Alex Gotay, MAT, MPhil, DMin(cand), MA in Philosophy, graduated September 15, 2014

“I was an attorney ‘BC’ (before children), then a homeschooling mom of six – loved the teaching and the learning that came with it (even at that level teaching opens up so much to the teacher).  When one of our daughters discovered Holy Apostles’ online master’s program and what a value it was both in terms of substance (excellence of the teaching and coursework), cost, and user-friendliness, another one of our daughters and I both jumped on the bandwagon, and we’re all very close to completion.  Having this degree will be a boon should I decide to pursue teaching, but even should I not, I have become so much the richer for the depth my understanding of the Faith has acquired from my studies with Holy Apostles.  Something that can never be lost and can only grow.” Mrs. Leslie Henderson, MA in Theology, future graduate

“I searched far and wide for a Distance Learning Masters in Philosophy program in hopes that I could pursue my dream of attaining a graduate degree in the subject that I loved.  I never imagined that one existed that was steeped in the patrimony of the Church, thoroughly comprehensive and staffed by professors who were second to none in their prospective fields and completely accessible to me throughout the educational process. Holy Apostles College is a veritable jewel in Catholic academia.” – Mr. Ed Johansen, MA in Philosophy, graduated January 30, 2013

“The Master of Arts in Philosophy has been a fantastic investment. The teachers are extraordinarily professional, the curriculum has been exemplary in forwarding classically-influenced philosophy across multiple specialties (to include cosmology, metaphysics, logic, and so forth), and the classes themselves have been challenging, invigorating and rewarding. Additionally, the cost is fair and reasonable, something that most classes lack. To top that off, the program is conducted through an established private school. I’ve unhesitatingly recommended this program to peers and acquaintances both. The hardest part is keeping the patience for the next semester’s studies. Thank you, Holy Apostles!” – Mr. Anselm Kaiser, MA in Theology, future graduate

“My time at Holy Apostles was like no other. After three previous online experiences, HACS outranks them all. The quality of education is second to none, the professors are dedicated to their students, and the community that grows around the students was memorable. I recommend HACS to every student to of the Church I meet. With their wide variety of challenging and much-needed concentrations, Holy Apostles has a place for everyone. When I get the time, I plan to continue with Holy Apostles for another degree!” – Mr. Shaun McAfee, MA in Theology, Spring 2015 graduate

“Holy Apostles had me at hello, and I’ve never looked back.” – Dr. Sebastian Mahfood, OP, MA in Philosophy, Spring 2009 graduate, MA in Theology, Summer 2013 Graduate

“I will be forever grateful that I had this opportunity to utilize a spiritual grace of mine within the educational format of the college.  May God bless them.” – Ms. Jennifer A. Martin, MA in Theology, future graduate

“I was initially skeptical about taking on graduate studies, especially through distance learning, but studying through Holy Apostles College & Seminary has been one of the most rewarding decisions I’ve ever made.  I have been thoroughly impressed by the quality of their professors and students, the professionalism and flexibility of their programs, and with how immediately relevant the formation I’ve received at HACS has been to my own life and work.  Holy Apostles should be a model of excellence, community, and academic rigor for other colleges and universities and especially for other Catholic institutes of learning looking to put the New Evangelization into action.  I cannot recommend Holy Apostles College & Seminary strongly enough!” – Mr. Ryan Mayer, MA in Theology, graduated spring 2012, and MA in Philosophy, graduated spring 2015

“As a former seminarian, on-campus lay student, and online graduate student at Holy Apostles, I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend it to anyone looking to deepen not only his knowledge of, but also his love for, the Catholic Faith. Holy Apostles provides a rarely found combination of unreserved faithfulness to the Magisterium and solid grounding in Sacred Tradition as found in the writings of the Fathers and Doctors with a heartfelt St. Francis-like passion for and insistence upon the call of Jesus to His Church to be one of love, mercy, and mission.” – Mr. Daniel O’Connor, MA in Theology, graduated May 4, 2013

“Studying part time through HACS has given me invaluable background knowledge in the exact tradition I had been seeking. In fact, at the time I enrolled in the graduate program in philosophy at HACS, it was the only distance school I could find for graduate studies that included Plato, Aristotle, and Aquinas. The rigor of the studies parallels that of any brick and mortar experience at most universities. The Catholicity of the HACS program, however, stands out and reflects authentic magisterial teaching–and a commitment to our early and perennial Catholic philosophical heritage in the Angelic Doctor.”  – Mr. James Sapielak, MA in Theology, future graduate

“The combined Master of Arts in Theology with a concentration in bioethics with the National Catholic Certification program in Health Care Ethics is a truly remarkable and inspiring course of studies that answers a critical need in today’s world. Clergy, lay professionals and educators, health care professionals and counselors would do well to pursue this program to equip themselves for the new evangelization, apologetics, spiritual direction and moral guidance in the face of complex issues in health care, fertility, sexual health, end-of-life care and biomedical research. Catholics and other conscientious persons are being confronted daily with these dilemmas and need solid wise and spiritual counsel. I highly recommend this program!” Rev. Paul CB Schenck, Ed.D., LHD, Director, Office of Respect Life Activities, The Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg, MA in Theology, graduated September 15, 2014

“My experience at Holy Apostles has been very positive. I came here in 1988 as an MA student and graduated in 1995. The mentoring I received here was extraordinary, and led me to study for a licentiate at Dominican House of Studies. When I graduated with an STL, I was hired at Holy Apostles as a professor. This fall I will be entering my 19th year of employment at the seminary. I have spent 25 years of my life at this institution and have enjoyed it.” – Dr. Cynthia Toolin-Wilson, MA in Theology, spring 1995 graduate

I was looking for an on-line academically-oriented, affordable graduate Catholic Theology program and I found it at HACS. Challenging courses, great faculty, good interaction with fellow students, even online! Living in the hinterlands of Vermont, I was particularly impressed with the online library’s extensive databases and inter-library loan accessibility. There’s lots of support via the writing lab, tutors, and ready access to professors and teaching assistants. Independence and initiative in classwork and projects is definitely encouraged. A must for today’s Catholic Adults.” – Mr. Paul Turnley, MA in Theology, future graduate

“I first found Holy Apostles by chance. I found a school that provided fully-accredited online courses towards a Masters and a close-knit, orthodox, Catholic community that I am humbled and proud to be a part of. Learning in the Thomistic tradition from a school that is unabashedly Catholic has truly changed my life. The knowledge that I have gained and the education that has been afforded to me have made me a better person and a better Catholic. I have made some very close friends and the professors are top-notch and are available to help you succeed no matter what. I am truly indebted to my professors and all the administrators and students who made my experience at Holy Apostles so positive.” – Mr. Matthew Vander Vennet, MA in Theology, future graduate