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Phones and Voice Mail

Faculty Telephone List

About the Voice Mail System

Holy Apostles College and Seminary uses an NEC phone system with analog, digital and VoIP telephones.

Get to Know Your Phone

There are three basic types of phones on campus: analog, digital and VoIP.  Select the one of the links below to access a basic user manual for your phone.

Analog Phone

Digital Phone

VoIP Phone (St. Barnabas)

To access Voicemail from off campus

From your cell phone or from another phone off campus:

  1. Dial 860-632-3040
  2. As soon as you start to hear the recorded message, dial in the pound key (#) followed by your extension.
  3. Listen to the list of options and dial in your choice of options

Voicemail Setup

Accessing Voice Mail

  • from your phone press "V-Mail" or "VMsg" or *8


  • from any in-house phone, pick up receiver and dial 200
  • the system prompts for your mailbox number
  • enter your mailbox number (same as your extension #)

Record your first and last name for voice mail

  • access voice mail (see above)
  • press 76
  • press 7
  • record first and last name only -- when finished press #
  • press # again to finish process

Record your greeting

  • access voice mail (see above)
  • press 4
  • select the greeting to record (1-3)
  • press 7
  • record greeting ("Sorry I can't take your call right now...") -- when finished press #
  • press # again to finish process

Set Mailbox Password

  • access voice mail (see above)
  • press 67
  • press 7
  • enter new password -- when finished press #
  • system will repeat the password and if correct press 2 to accept
  • press # to finish process

You may now hang up as your mailbox has been set up.

(860) 632-3010