Master of Divinity Degree Program


The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) is a professional degree designed for men preparing to be ordained to the Catholic Priesthood or permanent Diaconate. Successful completion of the Master of Divinity program attests to the recipient’s competency for exercising priestly ministry gained from a thorough grounding in Sacred Scripture, Dogmatic and Moral Theology, Spiritual and Pastoral Theology, Canon Law, Liturgy, Homiletics and Church History.

Some students who apply at a later age and do not have a Bachelor’s degree may, with the permission of their diocese or religious society, earn a Certificate of Preparation for Ordination for the Priesthood upon the satisfactory completion of four years of theology. All requirements for those in the certificate program are the same as those in the M.Div. program, including the philosophy pre-requisites.

Candidates for the M.Div. degree must achieve and maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0.

Degree Requirements

Ninety (90) credits of graduate theology are required and must include:

  • DTH 731          One and Triune God
  • DTH 751          Christology
  • MTH 611         Fundamental Moral Theology I
  • SAS 651          Synoptic Gospels

A minimum of nine credits must be earned in the areas of Moral Theology, Sacred Scripture, Dogmatic Theology, Pastoral Theology and Church History.

Academic Requirements 
First Year Theology
Fall Semester
First Year Theology
Spring Semester
•SAS 638 Torah and Old Testament Books 3 credits
•DTH 601 Introduction to Theology 3 credits
•MTH 611 Fundamental Moral Theology I 3 credits
•LLT 653 Liturgical Theology 3 credits
•PAS 795 Fundamental Human Formation 3 credits
•PAS 600 Field Education
•LLT 811 Pre-Deacon Practicum
•SAS 651 Synoptic Gospels 3 credits
•DTH 802 Baptism/Confirmation/Eucharist 3 credits
•DTH 760 Ecclesiology/Ecumenism 3 credits
•MTH 585 Theology of the Body/Marriage 3 credits
•MTH 841 Catholic Social Teachings 3 credits
•PAS 601 Field Education
Second Year Theology
Fall Semester
Second Year Theology
Spring Semester
•CHH 707 History of the Church to 1400 3 credits
•PAS 668 Missionary Discipleship: Evangelization and Catechesis 3 credits
•SAS 621 Prophetic Literature 3 credits
•CHH 631 Mystical Theology in the Church Fathers 3 credits
•MTH 612 Fundamental Moral Theology II 3 credits
•PAS 602 Field Education
•LLT 812 Pre-Deacon Practicum
•CHH 708 History of the Church from 1400 3 credits
•SAS 802 Johannine Writings 3 credits
•CHH 673 Mystical Theology of the Carmelites 3 credits
and St. Francis de Sales
•DTH 731 One and Triune God 3 credits
•DTH 965 Penance/Anointing 3 credits
•PAS 603 Field Education
Third Year Theology
Fall Semester
Third Year Theology
Spring Semester
•PAS 681 Pastoral Counseling 3 credits
•SAS 671 Letters of St. Paul 3 credits
•DTH 751 Christology 3 credits
•MTH 791 Morals and Psychology 3 credits
•CLA 601 Fundamentals of Canon Law 3 credits
•PAS 604 Field Education
•LLT 813 Pre-Deacon Practicum
•SAS 640 Psalms and Wisdom Literature 3 credits
•DTH 757 Pneumatology 3 credits
•CLA 715 Canon Law of Marriage 3 credits
•PAS 751 Homiletics I 3 credits
•DTH 971 Priesthood and Celibacy 3 credits
•PAS 605 Field Education
•LLT 814 Pre-Deacon Practicum
Fourth Year Theology
Fall Semester
Fourth Year Theology
Spring Semester
•CHH 613 The Church in America 3 credits
•PAS 951 Homiletics II 3 credits
•PAS 701 Pastoral Theology I 3 credits
•SAS 657 Luke and the Acts of the Apostles 3 credits
•MTH 991 Moral Virtues in Confession 3 credits
•PAS 606 Field Education
•LLT 821 Penance Practicum
•PAS 671 Spiritual Direction 3 credits
•DTH 641 Protology and Eschatology 3 credits
•BIE 625 Catholic Bioethics 3 credits
•PAS 607 Field Education
•LLT 822 Pre-Priest Practicum

Courses may be offered every two years.

Academic Requirements

Candidates for the Seminary program who have not completed all of the academic pre-requisites will be enrolled in the Pre-Theology Program. A seminarian may complete his Pre-Theology as part of the B.A. program if he has not completed his undergraduate degree. This program prepares the student for admission to First Theology.