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Program Descriptions

Degrees available through Online Learning

Associate of Arts Program

The Associate of Arts program, a 60-credit undergraduate degree in Theology, can be pursued either completely oncampus or completely online or with a mix of online and oncampus courses. The program is designed specifically for the person who has an interest in a liberal arts education and wants to work towards a Bachelor’s degree at a future date. The A.A. program requires an understanding of theology, philosophy, humanities, social science, mathematics and the physical sciences. A maximum of thirty credit hours with a grade of C or higher will be accepted for transfer into the program, provided credits are from accredited colleges, have not already been used for an A.A. degree or higher, and are applicable to the A.A. degree. Acceptance of transfer credits is at the discretion of the Academic Dean. Of accepted transfer credits, only nine may be in a student’s area of concentration. There is a six-year time limit from entry into the program for completion of the degree requirements.

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Bachelor of Arts Program

The 120 credit hour Bachelor of Arts Degree program, which provides a philosophically-based Catholic honors liberal arts curriculum with a major in Philosophy, Theology, English in the Humanities, or History in the Social Sciences, can be pursued completely on-campus or completely online or a mixture of both on-campus and online courses. Students who complete at least ten courses in any of the four major areas may double major. The program is designed to give the student the proper preparation for graduate work in a related area, for teaching, or for ministry.

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Master of Arts Program

The Online Learning M.A. (Master of Arts) program is a course of study designed to give a
broad acquaintance with the major philosophical or theological disciplines. It is a flexible program, with a six year time limit from entry into the program to completion of the degree requirements. The program is designed to prepare men and women for ministry, teaching philosophy, religion or theology, for a subsequent Post Master’s Certificate in Theology, or for licentiate or doctoral work. Classes also serve as enrichment for persons in other professions wanting to deepen understanding of their faith or seeking to integrate their faith into their daily lives.

All students are required to complete 36 credit hours in order to earn their degree. For these students, neither a foreign language proficiency exam nor an M.A. thesis is required in order to graduate. Students who aspire to pursue advanced degrees beyond the M.A. may write an M.A. thesis or take a foreign language proficiency exam if they wish. While the language exam may not be substituted for any of the required 36 credit hours, students who wish to write a thesis are encouraged to enroll in a 3-credit directed study in their concentration or emphasis in order to work with an advisor on the development of their thesis project. 

Core Curriculum

All students must complete the prerequisite course, PHTH 600 Philosophy for Theologians. The Dean may consider exceptions to this requirement for students with bachelor's degrees in philosophy if he determines that the BA has sufficiently prepared them for the Thomistic emphasis found at Holy Apostles.

Requirements for Master of Arts in Philosophy (12 Credit Core Curriculum)

  • PHE501 ‐Ethics (note: this is a name change from PHL570 Moral Philosophy) 
  • PHL590 ‐Metaphysics
  • PHL725 ‐Philosophy of Nature
  • PHL730 ‐Ancient and Medieval Philosophy

Requirements for Master of Arts in Theology (12 Credit Core Curriculum)

  • STD707 ‐One and Triune God (meets 1 of 2 Dogmatic Theology requirement)
  • STD 901 ‐Christology (meets 2 of 2 Dogmatic Theology requirement)
  • SS 704 ‐Synoptic Gospels (meets 1 of 1 Sacred Scripture requirement)
  • STM 620‐Fundamental Moral Theology (meets the Moral Theology core requirement)

Summative Evaluation

The Summative Evaluation is the capstone of the student’s academic work in the M.A. program at Holy Apostles College and Seminary. All candidates for the M.A. degree are required to complete a Summative Evaluation exercise, which may take the form of a thesis, a comprehensive exam, or a special project. Full descriptions of the Summative Evaluation exercise are available on the Summative Evaluation page.


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