On Campus Courses

Undergraduate & Graduate On Campus Courses

On Campus Courses are NOT offered during the Summer Semester.

Syllabi Information

Syllabi will be added as they are approved.  Please do not contact any professor about his or her syllabus until the first day of the termNote: At the start of the term, the syllabi that are located in the Info tab of your courses in Populi should be considered as the most updated.

Required Texts

You may locate the books you are required to purchase by downloading and opening the syllabus for each of your courses. The course syllabus may be downloaded by clicking on the Title of the course located on this page.

Comprehensive Examinations for Spring 2017:

Graduate students wishing to complete their program of study by taking the comprehensive exam during the fall semester must sign up for it by registering for the ‘Spring 2017 Comprehensive Examination Resource’ and paying the $275 exam/graduation fee during the spring course registration period. In order to take the comprehensive exam, graduate students must be finished with all coursework or in the final semester of coursework. Students are expected to complete the comprehensive exam within two semesters of finishing coursework.

Tuition & Financial Aid:

For information regarding tuition, fees, refund policy and financial aid, please visit Tuition & Financial Aid