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 Teaching Research Design
(July 6- August 14, 2015)
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This certificate course will engage faculty in thinking about issues of student research skill development in the context of shaping curricula to make research more integral to the instruction process. The institute will involve six modules, each of which will include thought pieces, guidance on how to operationalize skill development in students, and opportunities to interact on the relevant issues as well as prepare practical materials to help you move forward in student research skill development. Completion of the course assignments is the sole requirement.

The certificate requirements in teaching research design have been adapted to meet the needs of secondary school teachers. See adapted syllabus here.
This course will explore the nature of intercultural competencies and engage the learner in methods concerning their development and cultivation within a community of faith.

Dante’s Paradiso
(July 13 – August 8, 2015)
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 Completed in 1321, the year Dante died, the Paradiso traces Dante the pilgrim’s journey from the Garden of Eden at the top of Mount Purgatory straight through ten heavenly spheres and into the mind of God. The goal the canticle is to allegorize the divinization process. Dante gets through Paradise in no time flat; we pilgrims will spend a little over a month in the journey.

33-day de Montfort Consecration Schedule
(Rolling Dates – See link above)
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This course will prepare one for his or her Consecration to Jesus through Mary. This course will teach why one should consecrate himself/herself to Jesus through Mary, how it is done, what benefits are derived from it, when to do it, and how to live the consecration as a way of life. This course will involve six modules. Participants will be given one week to complete each module.

Due to Summer 2015 vacation schedules, the next launch of this course will be on July 5 in preparation for the August 15 Feast of the Assumption.

Registrants may participate in one or all of the above courses for free. Those who complete the modules in each course will receive a certificate of completion from the MOOC Moderator for the purpose of receiving continuing education units from their education offices.

Registrants will receive by email confirmation of scheduling at the time of registration and login information to the course site the Friday before each MOOC begins.

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