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Guidelines for Academic Papers and Theses

The guidelines listed below are approved by the faculty of Holy Apostles College and Seminary for use in all academic papers and theses. They are based on Kate Turabian's  Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations and are customized to include resources most common to our theology, philosophy, bioethics, and humanities programs

Guidelines for Academic Papers - This style guide includes the following 3 divisions:

I. Basic Format of an Academic Paper

II. References in Footnotes and Bibliographies

III. Sample Citations

Thesis Guidelines- This style guide includes the following 6 divisions and 6 appendices:

I. The Thesis Proposal

II. The Thesis Format

III. Optional Sections of the Thesis

IV. Process

V. Duties of the Participants within the Thesis Process

VI. Publication, Assessment, Penalties, and Exceptions

Appendix A: Sample Thesis Proposal

Appendix B: Sample Title Page

Appendix C: Sample Signature Page

Appendix D: Sample Table of Contents Page

Appendix E: Bindery Specifications

Appendix F: Thesis Rubric

Holy Apostles College and Seminary M.A. Thesis Collection

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