General Collections

Book Collection (Print)
Holy Apostles College and Seminary Library maintains a book collection of more than 60,000 volumes with an emphasis on Theology, Philosophy, and the Humanities. All of our books are classified according to the Library of Congress Classification System. The Library book collection is fully automated utilizing the AGent VERSO Software of Auto-Graphics, Inc. Our on-line catalog allows users to search for materials by author, title, subject, and keyword with both basic and advanced search capabilities. All books in the general collection circulate for 30 days. Reference and Reserve materials do not circulation.

Online Databases and E-Books
Holy Apostles College and Seminary Library currently subscribes to several specialized electronic databases and  E-book collections. The Library also provides access to the iCONN electronic database collections available through the Connecticut Library Network.  Together, these resources provide our researchers with electronic bibliographic and full-text access to a wide variety of subjects including theology, philosophy, science, literature, health, business, law, and general news.

Journal Collections
Holy Apostles College and Seminary Library currently subscribes to over 200 journals and newspapers. There are over 1,400 bound volumes and over 225 reels of microfilm. Journals and newspapers do not circulate.

Print Indexes and Abstracts
Holy Apostles College and Seminary Library maintains a specialized collection of print Indexes and Abstracts to support our academic programs. Indexes and Abstracts do not circulate.

  • ATLA Index to Religious Periodical Literature—1949-1952 Online Version
  • Canon Law Abstracts—1978-1983,1985-present
  • Catholic Periodical Index—1943-1966
  • Catholic Periodical and Literature Index—1967-2009 Online Version
  • Essay and General Literature Index—1960-1968 [1969]-1973, [1974]
  • Guide to Catholic Literature—1888-1940,1944-1962, 1964
  • Humanities Index—1974-2009
  • Index to Religious Periodical Literature—1953-1974
  • New Testament Abstracts—1979-1982,1985-present
  • Old Testament Abstracts—[1982],[1985],1986-present
  • Readers Guide to Periodical Literature—1963-2009
  • Religion Index —1979-June 1984
  • Social Sciences Index—1974-2009

CD-ROM Collection
Holy Apostles College and Seminary Library maintains a CD-ROM workstation which provides access to the following specialized CD-ROM titles. CD-ROM titles do not circulate.

  • Catechism of the Catholic Church – 1994. Contains the full text of the new Catechism of the Catholic Church in English, Spanish and French. This CD allows the user to navigate to any section of the Catechism, search by keyword, and browse indexes.
  • Church Documents – Conciliar and Post-Conciliar (5th edition). Contains over 150 documents from Vatican II and the post-Conciliar Papal documents and Ecclesiastical pronouncements.
  • Collected Works of St. Thomas Aquinas (Past Masters). Contains virtually all translations of St. Thomas Aquinas’ work, including his Opera Maiora, Opuscula, Commentaria, Reportationes, and Dubiae Authenticitatatis. Substantial portions of his Catena Aurea are included here in the Sunday Sermons of the Great Fathers. Contains a detailed bibliography of translations and translators.
  • Encyclopaedia Judaica – 1997. Contains the full text of the 1972 Encyclopaedia Judaica (16 volumes), the yearbooks and decennials published between 1982 and 1992, as well as all new material pertaining to recent events and key personalities in the Jewish communities throughout the world, and the State of Israel up to the 1996 elections. The 25,000 entries are enhanced with pictures, maps, timelines, and charts. There is extensive cross-referencing through hyperlinking of over 100,000 words.
  • Ius Canonicum et Iurisprudentia Rotalis – 1995. Contain the new Code of Canon Law in Latin. Published by the Libreria Editrice Vaticana.
  • St. Thomas Aquinas and the Summa Theologica. Contains the entire text of St. Thomas’ Summa Theologica as translated by the English Dominican Fathers, St. Thomas’ Catena Aurea, The Revised Standard Version of the Bible: Catholic Edition, which is hyperlinked to all biblical references, and a section of favorite “Prayers and Hymns” in both English and Latin. One additional section entitled “Summa Excursions” allows the user to browse 29 main subjects that are linked to the full text of the Summa Theologica.
  • Welcome to the Catholic Church. A comprehensive guide to the Catholic Church presented in six major overviews—Divine Revelation, Church Teaching, the Mass and the Sacraments, Prayer and Spirituality, Saints and History, and Church Organization. Portions of eleven major Catholic resources have been included in this CD to provide the user with accurate and current teachings of the Catholic Church. Some of these resources include The Documents of Vatican II, The Sacraments and Their Celebration by Fr. Nicholas Halligan, A Summary of Catholic History by Fr. Newman Eberhardt, and The Sources of Catholic Dogma by Henry Denzinger.

Audio-Visual Collection
Our DVD and video-cassette collection includes 200+ titles. A copy of the Holy Apostles College and Seminary Library DVD/Video Collection is available in the Library. All titles are available for a one-week circulation period. There is a videocassette player available for use within the Library.

Our classical and sacred music collection includes 500+ cds and vinyl records.  All titles are available for a four-week circulation period.  A phonograph with headphones is available for use within the Library.