Joint Certification in Christian Wisdom

adlerThe Center for the Study of The Great Ideas and the Adler-Aquinas Institute have partnered through Holy Apostles College & Seminary to offer a joint certificate in Christian Wisdom based on Holy Apostles’ own St. John Paul II Thomistic Studies Graduate Concentration in Christian Wisdom.

To earn the joint certificate, students must complete all four video-based courses (each worth three graduate-level credits) – entitled “The One and the Many,” “St. Thomas Aquinas on Being and Nothingness,”The True, the False, the Lie and the Fake,” and “The Good, the Bad, the Beautiful and the Ugly” – and write an integrating reflection about the impact they anticipate that the concentration of studies will have on their personal and professional lives.

Click here for the Holy Apostles College and Seminary Application to apply as a personal interest student. Each of these video courses is worth three graduate level credits. The cost to attend at $320 per credit hour, then, would be $960 x the 4 Christian Wisdom courses = $3,840. The package deal is discounted, though, to $3,500 for the four-course sequence if paid entirely in advance.

Students who also complete “Ancient and Medieval Philosophy” (paid for separately from this promotion) will receive an accredited “Graduate Certificate in Christian Wisdom” from Holy Apostles College & Seminary.

Apply today!!!!

Benefits of earning the certification are as follows: