IT Support

Technology Requirements
Online Learning students must provide and maintain the following:

  • A personal computer, either PC or Macintosh, three years old or less. Mobile technologies are also supported.
  • A DVD/CD player (some courses use videotaped lectures or audio recordings)
  • An internet connection, preferably broadband
  • The most recent version of Mozilla Firefox, Safari (Mac), or Google Chrome.

Strongly Recommended

  • A printer, in order to print out notes, and papers.
  • A word processor such as Microsoft Word or Open Office installed on your computer.

Training and Orientation
All students must complete a one-week online orientation course before enrolling in courses.  During this orientation, the student will learn how to use different online systems.

All students receive an email account.  This is the primary means for official communication between faculty, staff and students.  Students are required to regularly check their email accounts.

CMS (College Management System)
All courses are conducted using Populi, a student information system and learning management system combined together as one complete system.