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Professor Jacob W. Torbeck, O.P.


Professor Jacob W. Torbeck, M.A., O.P. is a Lay Dominican theologian specializing in systematic theology and ethics.  In 2012, he was granted a Master of Arts degree in theology in 2012 from Aquinas Institute of Theology in Saint Louis, Missouri, the Dominican studium for the central and southern provinces for the Order of Preachers.  In the fall of 2014, he will begin doctoral studies in theology.  His published work and publications have focused on the use of religious themes in video games, and Christian vocation and identity in the work of Edith Stein.


  • M.A. Theology, Aquinas Institute of Theology, 2012

Representative Publications & Presentations

  1. “Death and the Life After: Eschatology in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” in Past the Sky’s Rim: The Elder Scrolls and Theology, ed. Joshua Wise, Gray Matter Books, 2014
  2. “‘The Woman Problem:’ Methodological Concerns in the Catholic Feminism of Edith Stein.” given June 2013 at the International Association for the Study of the Philosophy of Edith Stein Conference, King’s University College, London, Ontario.
  3. “Beauty and Desire: Philosophical Perspectives from Plato to Edith Stein.” panel given February 2013 at the Edith Stein Project Conference, Notre Dame University.
  4. "Empathy and the Fiat!: Marian Vulnerability in the Writings of Edith Stein" given February 2012 at the Edith Stein Project Conference, Notre Dame University.

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