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Father Luis Antonio Luna Barrera M.S.A.


Reverend Father Luis Antonio Luna Barrera M.S.A.

I am a Catholic Priest belonging to the Society of the Missionaries of the Holy Apostles. I was born in Peru 1958, and  I am priest since 1987. My apostolate mostly was centered in the field of the Formation of the future priest and leaders for the Church. This work demands full time of our service, and so we basically are focus in improving our knowledge to answer the needs of the vocations of today. My expertise as teacher is the Church’s Law, so here at Holy Apostles and Seminary I answer the juridical needs of the students vis-à-vis of his vocation and what the Church requires.

I had the privilege and opportunity to work in different countries and this give the opportunity to serve in parishes and Oratories that gave an invaluable experience in my task as formator.

(860) 632-3010