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Dr. Donald T. DeMarco



Ph. D. Philosophy, St. John’s University, Jamaica, 1968  NY

Representative Publications

The Human Life Review, Ethics and Medics, Lay Witness, St. Austin Review, National Catholic Register, Social Justice Review, Crisis, Homiletic & Pastoral Review, Our Sunday Visitor, Voices, Sacred Heart Messenger, The Catholic Transcript, Soul, The Wanderer, Linacre Quarterly, Catholic Insight, This Rock, Celebrate Life, Canadian Observer, The Interim, Bread of Life, The Catholic Thing, Companions of the Cross and others.

In addition, I have had well over a hundred articles posted on the Truth and Charity website, and many other articles posted on several other websites.

Recently, a new version of my book New Perspectives in Contraception has come out.  Over the last five years I have had books translated into Spanish, Croatian, Estonian, Czech. Polish, and Korean.  Articles of mine have been translated into at least a dozen languages.


Social Justice Review, Our Lady of Wisdom College, Ontario Canada

Corresponding Member of the Pontifical Academy for Life.


(860) 632-3010