(PHL 402) PHE 501 Ethics (Dr. Ronda Chervin)

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  • De Marco, Donald. New Perspectives on Contraception (Dayton, Ohio: One More Soul) (order from 1-800-307-7685 or online at http://bit.ly/Wc2Apr) (There is no ISBN number on this) The cheapest is you can buy an e-book version on Google Books for $6.72.)CHECK ONEMORESOUL.COM HAS A SCROLLABLE FREE FILE OF IT WITH $3 TO DOWNLOAD.
  • Harvey John. The Truth About Homosexuality ISBN 978089870536  (order from Ignatius Press or other outlet) List price $15.26
  • Schwarz, Dr. Stephen & Kiki Latimer.  Understanding Abortion: From Mixed Feelings to Rational Thought (Lexington) ISBN-10: 0739167715 ISBN-13: 978-0739167717 List price $29.95
  • Patricia  D. Stewart The Health Care Decision Guide (Norwell, Massachusetts: Sweet Apple Press, 2010) $7   ISBN -13:978-0-9702465-2-3
  • The following items will be made available for FREE on the internet:  
    • Chervin, Ronda. The Way of Love, Vol. III, Making Loving Moral Decisions. This will be found for free on the course materials posted for this class.
    • Basics of Thomistic Ethics by Chervin – On Course materials posted for this class.
    • Von Hildebrand. Morality and Situation Ethics Selections (Dr. Ronda will send you selections on an attachment.)
    • Skit The Many Facets of Evil – by Ronda Chervin – to be found on  Populi for this course
    • Summary of Von Hildebrand’s Morality and Situation Ethics – to be found on  Populi for this course
    • John Paul II. The Splendour of Truth (find this Encyclical on line) (An option for Week 12)


    • Budziszewski: What you Can’t Not Know – this is a fresh look at Thomistic Natural Law ethics.
    • Von Hildebrand: Ethics or Morality and Situation Ethics.
    • Ross Porter: To Kindle a Fire: A 21st Century Approach to the Seven Deadly Sins.
    • Encyclicals or Booklets Dealing with subjects such as immigration, pornography, etc. not covered in the class.

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