STP 640 Medical Ethics (Fr. Luis Luna, MSA)

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  • Religious and Ethical Directives for Catholic Health Care Institutions, can be found HERE. (pdf download)
  • William E. May, Catholic Bioethics and the Gift of Human Life, Our Sunday Visitor Publishing, Huntington, Indiana, 2000. ISBN: 978-1-61278-702-2. $ 19.64 (This will be our text book and the Lectures will come from there).
  • The New American Bible NAB, St. Anthony Guild Edition, Saint Anthony Guild Press, Paterson, New Jersey. (=NAB) or other Catholic Bible.
  • Catechism of The Catholic Church, Second Edition, Revised in Accordance with the Official Latin Text Promulgated by Pope John Paul II, Contains Glossary and Analytical Index, Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 2000. (=CCC) $ 29.60

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