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Bioethics Research Guide

Bioethics is the study of ethical concerns in the fields of medicine and health care.  It focuses on research  in the areas of human stem cells, reproductive technologies, human cloning, genetic intervention, life-sustaining treatment and care, organ donation, and health care policy.


On-line Databases & E-Reference Books


Reference Sources from the Library Collection

  • Catholic Health Care Ethics  (Bioethics REF R 724 C38 2001)
  • Catholic Health Care Ethics 2nd ed. (Bioethics REF R 724 C38 2009)
  • Defending Life 2010   (Bioethics REF KF 3771 Z95 D43 2010)
  • Handbook of Bioethics Terms (Bioethics REF R 725.5 T83 2009)


Internet Links & Associations


Pertinent Journals from the Library Collection

  • Dolentium Hominum
  • Ethics & Medics
  • The Hastings Center Report
  • The Human Life Review
  • The Linacre Quarterly
  • The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly


Pertinent Books from the Library Collection


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